She did not attend Prince Philip’s funeral, but M …

Such things can be said which are not conducive to good relations within the family, but like today you will have to put aside one day. And so was Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s 39-year-old wife.

Prince Harry and Meghan’s move to the United States still continues to haunt many Britons. Not Harry, but his wife is considered by many to be responsible for that flight from England. The fact that she was not there today because her pregnancy prevents her from flying by a gynecologist is considered by many to be a lame excuse.

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Nevertheless, she did her best by sending handwritten cards with heartfelt statements to the royal family for assistance.

Meghan is currently living in the United States, where she has a home in California with her husband Prince Harry. Harry went to his home country alone for the ceremony. But on the day of the funeral he had a wreath with a personal card. Whether Harry knew that is not clear.

Good handwriting

It is also not clear whether the flower arrangements were ultimately placed in the chapel.

The wreath was designed by Willow Crossley, who also created flower arrangements for Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

According to friends, in the British media, Meghan also wrote cards. “He has a beautiful handwriting,” he says, “and has taken a course in calligraphy.”

In Britain, the Protocol had the heart of a meeting between Harry and his brother William, and initially did everything to keep them apart. But after the ceremony, the two brothers left side-by-side sycophants. As if nothing had happened.

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