Shanghai admits to “inadequate” preparedness for COVID

A senior Shanghai official acknowledged on Thursday that the Chinese economic capital was “inadequately prepared” for the outbreak of the current COVID pandemic, which is forcing the city to phase out its 25 million residents.

The city is facing its worst wave of pollution since the start of the pandemic. The Omron edition is pushing for a national “zero COVID” strategy that aims to do everything it can to prevent new cases.

Shanghainei, who lives in the eastern part of the city, has been imprisoned in their homes since Monday and is undergoing general screening. The imprisonment will last until Friday, when West will be placed under the bell jar.

The news was announced around 9 pm on Sunday, prompting an influx of residents to shops to stock up on fresh produce. The increase in demand has led to an increase in the prices of vegetables.

If the logistics of the containment work well overall, Shanghainese complains of not being able to access hospitals, not getting authorization to leave their homes or being able to present a negative COVID test.

At least two patients requiring dialysis and one suffering from asthma have died, according to messages from relatives posted on social networks.

Faced with discontent, Ma Chunlei, a senior town hall official, admitted on Thursday that “in the face of a sharp increase in the number of people infected, our preparedness was inadequate”, according to an official statement on Thursday.

He said officials are augmenting their stock of testing material, creating quarantine centers and setting up beds.

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“We accept criticism politely and do our best to improve. ,

The health ministry on Thursday reported more than 5,600 new positive cases in Shanghai – the vast majority asymptomatic.

Many fair grounds in the city have been converted into quarantine centers. Videos released by state media show countless rows of beds and partitions in the large hall.

But imprisonment can also rhyme with humor.

Singing in the Shanghainese dialect, three local rappers have composed a comic song with a clip where they talk about food crowds and screenings. Viral, it has been shared by millions of internet users so far.

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