Seven people arrested in Britain in connection with the investigation

The noose is clearly beginning to tighten around the pirates of the group calling themselves LAPSUS$. In fact, the British police have arrested seven people on suspicion of having links with a group of cybercriminals. The news was reported by TechCrunch who was able to get in touch with one of London’s inspectors.

hacker arrest

It should be noted that these arrests came hours after Bloomberg published a report regarding some alleged members of LAPSUS$. In the said report, it appears that the group will be led by a 16-year-old boy from Oxford, United Kingdom. The latter is called “white” or “breachbase” on the Internet.

The implicated persons were released in the process

Shortly after learning of the move by the British police, journalists contacted Scotland Yard officials. They were able to obtain confirmation from Michael O’Sullivan who is a detective inspector for the City of London Police.

The latter reportedly said: “London Police are investigating, along with their fellow members of a group of city hackers. Seven people, aged 16 to 21, were arrested in connection with this investigation and all have been placed under investigation. Has been released under. Our investigation is on.”

As can be seen, most of those arrested are minors who were released shortly after the intervention of the British police. The latter, which explicitly focused on financial crimes, did not indicate whether the juvenile suspected to be the leader of the group was among those arrested.

It should be remembered that the report published by Bloomberg states that personal information of the alleged leader of LAPSUS$ has been leaked to the Internet by rival hackers. Thanks to security journalist Brian Krebs, we now know how the 16-year-old’s personal information got on the Internet.

First, the alleged leader of the group may have bought Doxbin last year, a site on which it is possible to share or find a person’s personal information. In January, he reportedly decided to leave the site. Upon leaving, he reveals all of Doxbin’s data to Telegram.

The outraged Doxbin community reportedly retaliated by posting the 16-year-old’s home address and photos, as well as details of his parents.

LAPSUS$, a group whose vision knows no bounds

Clearly the group will not be deterred by attacks made against Nvidia, Samsung or even Microsoft. Recent information indicates that one of the band members was also involved in a recent data breach against Electronic Arts.

In a recently published blog post, Microsoft indicated that LAPSUS$ hackers use methods it describes as shameless.

For example, Bloomberg reported that the group found a way to join Zoom calls from some of the hacked companies. The uproar is intended to openly taunt employees of companies who were victims of their misdeeds and who were working to limit the damage caused by fraudulent intrusions into their systems.

Source: Techcrunch

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