Series Mania, a French series in the 2022 awards stage!

After eight days of spectacular encounters with the public and among professionals, the Series Mania Festival kicks off its 2022 edition with a prize list whose Grand Prize honors a French production co-produced by Arte… It is about the first consecration of a French series since then. Festive Creation!

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For Arte, this is the second consecutive Grand Prix as the Franco-German channel had already achieved this distinction thanks to a Franco-Icelandic co-production in 2021. blackport,

During the finale, Series Mania Managing Director Lawrence Herzberg exclusively announced: “ I would like to warmly congratulate our chairman of the jury and my dear friend, Ukrainian producer Julia Sinkevich, who was a true source of inspiration to everyone who met her. I want to congratulate all the winners, as well as the Paradys team, who won the Forum’s Co-Pro Pitching Sessions. We look forward to welcoming everyone back to Lille in March 2023. ,

International competition

  • Grand Prize: The World of Tomorrow (France)

Producing: Keitel Quilvere, Helier Cistern, Vincent Poimiro, David Elkam.

Screenplay: Keitel Quilvere, Helier Cistern, Vincent Poimiro, David Elkam, Raphael Chevenment, Noor Ben Salem, Rudy-Williams Kabuiku.

Directed by: Keitel Quilvere, Helier Sistern

Production: Les Fils du Belliers, Arte France

Distribution: Arte, Netflix

  • Best Actress: Michelle de Svarte in The Baby (UK)

Producing: Sean Robbins-Grace, Lucy Gamero

Screenplay: Sean Robbins-Grace, Sophie Goodhart

Directed by: Nicole Cassell, Stacy Grego

Producer: Sister, Proverbial Pictures

Broadcast: OCS (France), HBO, Sky (Others)

  • Best Actor: Yehuda Levy in Fire Dance (Israel)

Produced, Screenplay and Directed by: Rama Bershten-Shai

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Production: Kuma Studios

Broadcast: Yes TV

International Sales: Yes Studios

international overview

  • Best Series: The Dark Heart (Sweden)

Producing: Oscar Soderlund, Gustav Mollery

Screenplay: Oscar Soderlund

Directed by: Gustav Möller

Production: FLX

Distribution: Discovery+ (Sweden)

International Sales: Resume International Sales

  • Special Jury Prize: Sunshine Eyes (Germany)

Producing, Screenplay, Direction: Maria von Healand

Production: Maze Pictures, Red Balloon Film GMBH, Tindra Film

  • Best Series Awarded by Student Jury: Funeral for a Dog (Germany)

Producers: Hanno Hackfort, Bob Konradt, Thomas Plettinger

Screenplay: Hanno Hackfort, Bob Konradt and Thomas Pletzinger, adapted from their eponymous novel.

Directed by: David Dietl, Barbara Albert


Broadcast: Sky International Sales: Sky Studios/NBCU

Special mention respondent (UK).

french competition

  • Best Series: tender meat

Producing and Screenplay: Yael Langman

Directed by: Yael Langman, Jeremy Mingyu

Production: Jericho TV is in co-production with Big Band Story and Femella

Broadcast: Slash

International Sales: France TV Distribution

  • Best Actress: Ines Ochau, Charlie Loislier, Asa Sayla In Success

Producing: Jerome Larcher, Katherine Regula

Screenplay: Jerome Larcher, Estelle Koenig, Salif Sisse, Joel N’Sita, Thomas Ducastel

Directed by: Mohamed Chew, Theo Jourdaini

Producer: Lizland Films

Broadcast: Slash

International Sales: France TV Distribution

  • Best Actor: Axl Granberger in black butterflies

Producing and Screenplay: Bruno Merrell, Olivier Abbou

Directed by: Olivier Abbu

Production: GMT Productions, Jacques Na Ku’un Oil, Arte France, Pictanovo,

Distribution: Arte, Netflix

International Sales: Mediavan Rights

  • Best Original Music: Clement Daumick, Antoine Wilson, Sebastian Wolf from the group Foo! chattertone for Dog

Producing: Geraldine de Margaery, Maxim Donzel, David Cousardo

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Screenplay: Geraldine de Margaery, Maxim Donzel, Benjamin Adam

Director: Julian Petrie Production: Ex Nihilo

Broadcast: OCS

International Sales: France TV Distribution

  • Audience Award: Daniel F. Harris’s Birth

Producing and Screenplay: Pete Jackson

Directed by: Alex Winkler and Alexandra Brodsky

Producer: Clerkenwell Films

Broadcast: Channel 4

International Sales: BBC Studios

comedy contest

  • Best Series – High School Jury: Bloody Murray (Israel)

Producing and Screenplay: Stav Idriss

Directed by: Yogev Yefeto

Production; Castina Communications

Broadcast: Yes TV

International Sales: Yes Studios

  • Special mention visitors (France)

small size

  • Best Series: swimming on water (UK)

Producing, Screenplay: Steph Smith

Directed by: Arabella Page Croft

Producer: Black Camel Pictures

Broadcast: BBC Scotland

International Sales: Undisclosed Film Company Limited

  • Special mention 6:30 pm. – New Season (France)

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