Series – British Touch: Movie Review

Series: British Touch

, Release Date : 06/13/2022
, dissemination platform: canal +
, original title : Series: British Touch
, Movie Length: 1:14 am
, the director: Olivier Joyard
, screenplay by: Olivier Joyard


Fans of the series are well aware that the English ones are particularly successful and have had a lasting impact on global serophilia for decades. Documentary film Series: British Touch Try to understand that little addition that makes them so remarkable.

Olivier Joyard’s film allows you to immerse yourself in the history of the English series. Thus we discover the symbolic works that have revealed them to the whole world. We also understand that they are closely associated with English society, which has never abandoned the small screen in favor of other entertainment media.

Indeed, apart from its verbal humour, its imagined errors of taste and its awkward situations, the English series is also a perfect mirror of its society and never hesitates to show all its classes and all its tendencies that make up it. UP.

The directors interview a number of television creators and screenwriters, English actors, but also French journalists who talk about the impact of English series in our country.

While it is particularly interesting to hear these testimonies, especially when they are depicted in depth with excerpts from works cited, the feature film also draws viewers into the heart of English productions, especially in its most prized centers of comedian training. in one. These will probably be the stars of tomorrow’s boards, television and cinema. These three regions are closely related to the United Kingdom.

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The documentary reviews some series from the past, and others more recent. What is even more fascinating to find is that it places each of them in their context and brings contextual reflection on the close relationship between the series, the society and the people who make it up.

Not to mention that we can discover some American series that are ultimately created and written by English people, while, as one of the speakers said, the biggest current Hollywood stars are English people.

So, whether you are a fan of the series or not, whether you know the series Our Neighbors well or not, the documentary can be watched with great pleasure and allows you to learn a lot of things. Not to mention that by describing the uniqueness and quality of this type of program from our English neighbors, it might give some French writers and composers thought. Although in our latitudes, the series has also developed greatly in recent years and has created interesting and original proposals.

Series: British Touch A very good film that allows us to better understand the deserved success of our neighbors in this area of ​​the series. It also prompts you to find some of them in case you missed them while releasing or airing.

Informative and brilliantly mount.


From captive flea bagof bowler hat leather shoes i can destroy youThe British series has been making its mark in the homes of the world for decades, at once popular, sophisticated, realistic, radical … rich in many passages and encounters with screenwriters and actors, Series: British Touch The series immerses itself in this “other” country, an extraordinary breeding ground and perhaps a model to follow, at a time when Brexit is making an impression.

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