Serge Herkberg, the nutritionist who pitted science against the lobby

The doctor, Nutri-Score’s father, presents his professional testament by describing the long road he has traveled since his first large-scale study.

He began his career at a time when his specialty was mainly due to lack of proper; He sums it up in a time that characterizes much… What a revolution in nutrition France has experienced in less than half a century! Science “barely recognized” and what was primarily related to nutritional deficiencies until the 1960s is what it is today “considered necessary”P. writesR Serge Herkberg, and has been marked by the many excesses of our plates.

Faits is known to be the father of Nutri-Score and the Nutrinet-Sante study. “I took a hit. Maine de diya”The epidemiologist writes, giving us his professional testament, describing the long road traveled since the Val-de-Marne 88 study, the first large-scale nutrition study, Cnam (National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts) started from. ), where Serge Herkberg worked with his wife Pilar.

Find and select volunteers, organize…

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Freedom is also to push back the boundaries of science.

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