Sentinel 13: Aegis RIM – Testing Sentinel 13: Aegis RIM – Vanillaware at its best / Update 06.04.22: Testing the Switch version

Released in Japan in November 2019, Sentinels 13: Aegis Rim was released in Europe on September 22, 2020 exclusively for PlayStation 4. What does it provide us?

Update of April 06, 2022: Switch version tested by NeoGrifteR

A year and a half after its release on PlayStation, 13 Sentinel: Aegis Rimu But comes to persuade us again Nintendo Switch,

As Alandring predicted in his test below, the console lends itself well to the game speed offered by the title. Vanillaware, As the moment desires, we can follow the journey of these thirteen high school students with Adventure Mode or start the Clash of Giant Robots with Battle Mode: as each segment lasts just a few minutes , it is easy to catch solace and progress between the two activities. Of course, progress on one side always creates possibilities for the other side, so you’ll have to find a moment to break down some demos if you want to learn more about it. beautiful Local. And if you’re afraid of losing the thread of the story, there’s a collection mode to refresh your memory.

The game plays well, whether docked or mobile. On the small screen, 2D is clean and clear, and the battles are readable. Everything is directed to the joystick, the touch screen is not included at all. Both English and Japanese voiceovers are available, as well as subtitles in several languages. All sound design can be enjoyed through headphones. If you choose the downloadable version, it will take up 4.3 GB of your console.

So here’s a simple and effective excerpt we’ve been offered: There’s no reason to belittle our happiness.

Pacific Rim

Let’s start by presenting the story of the game: Humanity is in danger of extinction, as it is attacked by hordes of time-travelling alien robots. Fortunately, one last hope remains: 13 high school students have the ability to control giant robots – sentries – weapons powerful enough to defeat the invaders.

13 Sentinel: The Aegis Rim is made up of two parts. In the first, the player follows these 13 high school students into an interactive story. During this, the player moves in a 2D environment and has the possibility to interact with various characters. Progression is very directed: if some characters have a more open narrative structure – most notably Jr Kurabe – most protagonists have an extremely linear story: the player is content to include dialogue or the following dialogue, but this is not usually the finding. in difficult. There’s also no choice: the title’s story unfolds slowly and the player’s only freedom is to determine in which order he wants to discover it.

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The choice of 2D makes it possible to provide clean and very beautiful environments at the visual level, but also results in poor and complex exploration due to perspective problems, including the need to teleport to pass through a painting. Other.


The second part of the title, its tactical battles, which take place according to an active pause system: the player controls and commands 1 to 6 characters in order to defeat enemy robots. Each action takes a certain amount of time to take effect and, above all, prevents the pilot from acting for a period determined by the work done. The 13 characters are divided between 4 classes (melee fighters, ranged fighters and two types of support). Each class has a list of accessible skills from which it is possible to draw to make each sentry unique.

Like all other games that have chosen this formula, Active Pause offers neither the strategic potential of true turn-based nor the dynamics of real-time conflict. However, 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim’s combat system is easy to pick up and, truth be told, it’s quite enjoyable. It must be said that we ask no more: even if these stages are successful, they become a hindrance above all that prevents the continuation of the narrative part, which represents the real heart of the game.

After a pilot has fought twice, he is forced to rest during a fight. In addition, each fight provides bonus objectives. These two constraints force the composition of its teams to vary: don’t imagine playing the entire game using the same 6 characters. This allows the gameplay to renew itself and never get boring, which is reinforced by Sentry’s customization. It is very rich: it is possible to choose what skills each person is equipped with, to improve these skills and also to improve the basic stats of the sentry. Truth be told, this richness is almost overwhelming: it’s hard to determine at first glance what to mount first, which can be quite frustrating.


quantum break

Controlling 13 characters is cause for concern, as it quickly brings to mind the narrative of a recent drowningoctopath traveler, Fortunately, Vanillaware’s title is doing much better: the thirteen characters’ stories are all intrinsically connected and the plot is extremely complex, much more so than its summaries. You have to force yourself a little to pass the prologue, which is quite difficult to access, but then the player goes from revelation to revelation until the end of the game.


To be honest, I don’t remember seeing this kind of narrative mastery in video games. Like Horizon: Zero Dawn, all the pieces fit together perfectly. Each sequence is neat: The revelations are not only daunting, they’re totally up to the point. To achieve this, Vanillaware has cut each character’s story into short sequences (about ten minutes), which unlock as you go. For one character’s story to be able to continue, it is often necessary to advance another character’s story.

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It’s also nice to be able to find this story with French subtitles and English voices (Japanese voices are also available), which allows you to really immerse yourself in the plot without being bothered by the language barrier. voice or text; The story is so complex that no extra hindrance can be added to it.

Breaking down the story helps ensure overall consistency, but it comes at a cost: While 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim is an excellent game that we recommend without hesitation, it’s not the kind of title that will last long. Suitable for sessions. It should be consumed in moderation, taking regular breaks. In short, the type of title perfectly suited for the Nintendo Switch; The PlayStation 4 clearly doesn’t have the best support for this kind of game, even if it doesn’t come out so badly, the mobility with the joystick is fairly adequate during fights, for example. So don’t think you’ll reach the end of the 30 hours the game offers in a week, but that’s cool: 13 Sentinel: Aegis Rim is such a unique and memorable experience that you take your time to enjoy . ,


Tested on PlayStation 4 by Elandring from the version provided by the publisher.

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