Sensitive Tess Daly’s ‘Heart Racing’ Introduces Me to Vernon K as Eye Celebrity Final

After reaching the celebrity finals at ISA, Tess Daly posted an emotional video on Instagram in support of her husband Vernon Kaye … Leave me here!

The 51-year-old host of Strictly Less Dancing became embroiled in excitement after former East Indies actor Shane Ritchie was taken out of castle camp and scattered 46-year-old Vernon in the final three.

Tess Gwich has been actively supporting her husband throughout her entire time on Castle’s ITV show and she was up with him until the end.

He was overjoyed at the video and told the camera with great joy: “He’s in the finals! I can’t believe my heart is just racing, I’m literally excited, nervous, overwhelmed!”

Tess Daly gets excited when I go to celebrate Husband Vernon Kake as I make the Husband Celebrity Final

Tess continued: “I can’t believe it! Thank you so much for voting for Vernon. See you in the final!”

Sharing their excitement for Friday’s final is not the ‘other half’, McFly star Tom Fletcher posted on the joy his wife Giovanna expressed.

The author and podcaster dressed as Queen of the Castle, Priya and Tom thanked the fans for supporting her during her stay, adding that she couldn’t believe she had covered the entire series.

Tess has supported the whole Vernon

Vernon K made the final three

Speaking on Instagram, Tom said: “He’s in the final! Thank you so much if you voted to get him this far. He’ll blow up and the vote is now open to victory.

“I can honestly tell you we didn’t talk about his chances of winning before we entered.

“He’s sincerely there for the experience. He loves the show.

“And the truth is that he’s got to the hurricane .. he’ll love it!

“And if he can win it, he’ll be blown away. So grab the phone one more day or use the app … let’s see if we can have a queen of the castle!”

Giovanna Fletcher likes to beat Vernon Cake to the crown of the castle

Vernon and Giovanna, along with Radio One DJ Jordan North, reached the final after Shane Richie reached the semifinals.

He was voted in by viewers on Thursday but said he was satisfied with his place in the celebrity cyclone.

After announcing his eviction in Ant and December, Shane said: “It’s a mixed emotion. You know, going so far … We’re really glad we did the celebrity whirlwind last night, we’re in the gorgeous four.

“We feel like we’ve achieved … I think whenever someone comes to this show, they’ll think the final is final and anything after that is a bonus.”

Shane suggested that any celebrities be able to take up the challenge the following year, whether in North Wales or Australia.

He said: “Anyone who comes to this show next year, you can hug it.

“You can’t be … It’s not good to try to be somewhere. You can be an open book.

“You can’t fake it here, maybe for a few days, but after that you can’t.”

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