Send transfer message to Manchester United player Luke Shaw and Woodward

Send transfer message to Manchester United player Luke Shaw and Woodward

Luke Shaw says Manchester United will need to sign more before the transfer window closes in just two weeks.

United lost 3-1 at home to Crystal Palace in their season two opener and will have to tighten until the January transfer window opens on October 5.

Signing United are signing Donnie Van de Beck this summer amid lengthy discussions about Jadon Sancho. United are open to strengthen their defense with a center-back and a left-back but have made it a priority to improve their attack this summer, with the right winger being identified as a priority.

Left-backed Shaw was blamed for Andrews Townsend’s strike at Old Trafford but they conceded that the United squad needed to improve if they could become a credible force this season.

“As I said, we have a very good group, but personally I think we need more players to make the squad stronger,” Shaw said on TV2. “It can encourage us. When you look around at how other teams are strengthening their teams, we should do the same to keep up with others.”

“Maybe everything went wrong,” Shaw added. “Personally, from my point of view, we’ve done the pre-season perfectly. It shouldn’t have been right. We had a week together.

“My first day back training: I could probably count the number of people trained on one side. We just came back together. Watch the teams together, train, play games. I think Palace played a few more games than we did and showed it tonight. That lacks fitness and confidence.

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“We didn’t prepare the way we wanted to and that’s not an excuse because our players may have games that they could have won in this kind of game but tonight we couldn’t do that and we were penalized. It’s the start of a new season, we should be fresh. Was.

“We knew how Palace was going to play, try to sit in the blocks and stay that way, maybe all their goals came from that. We paid the price today and a lot of the time we were quiet and not like me. We paid the price.

“We’re back to training tomorrow. A lot was said after the game and tonight we need to put it to bed. We need to be very frustrated because we should be, but forget about tomorrow and move on to tomorrow. Training. Tomorrow and Tuesday is a big game. Got it.

“We have to win it and pick up the pace again. It’s always the key to how you move forward at the start of the season.”

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