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The situation on the Kovid front in Geneva is stable, but it is still stable at a high level with a slow but gradual slope. 200 people are hospitalized at HUG, including 24 in acute care. Regarding vaccination, the new standards apply to those who have contracted the disease

The situation on the Kovid front in Geneva is stable but it is still stable at a high level. The slope is slow, but is said to be gradual, Kentonal Doctor Next Tardin. 150 and 180 cases are diagnosed each day with the predominance of the English version. According to health officials, the Indian version does not exist in Geneva. 1,500 people are in isolation and 1,400 are in quarantine. Hospital arrangements are still under pressure with 200 people hospitalized, including 24 in acute care. We must not let the gestures of obstruction, the cantonal doctor next miss the Tardine.

Regarding vaccination, the milestone of 100,000 people receiving the first dose has been exceeded and 203,000 have been registered! Rules have been made in relation to people who have Kovid. The Cantonal Doctor, Next Tardin.

For those who have contracted the disease, the waiting period is now six months and no longer three. The FOPH estimates that people who have contracted the disease remain safe for six or nine months. Note that serological examination does nothing. Immune people must take two doses of the vaccine.

Quarantine and vaccination

In connection with contact quarantine, people who are vaccinated are exempt. But this exemption does not apply to travelers returning from a country at risk, even if they have been vaccinated. Vacation travel is always discouraging.

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Data security

What about data and their security? We should separate the two types of data according to the cantonal doctor.

100,000 Geneva Half Covers

Vaccination of the first dose doubled in population during the month of April, ranging from 50,000 people to 100,000. According to the canton pharmacist, Geneva is a good student for vaccination. Currently for vaccinations of people over 75 years of age, there are no further contamination in EMS. The Cantonal Pharmacist, Nathalie Vernaz-Hegi.

Currently 203,000 people are registered for vaccination but vaccine priorities remain.

What papers are required for vaccination? Nathalie Vernaz-Heggie’s response.

Palexpo opens at 8 am and reminds me of the cantonal pharmacist and not at 7 am. It is mandatory to honor their appointment schedule.

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