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A young woman from a prison camp in Syria is not allowed to return to her former home country of Great Britain to sue her for withdrawing her citizenship. The woman is a security risk, the British Supreme Court ruled on Friday. Shamima Begum, now 21 years old, traveled from London to Syria as a student in 2015 and married a militant of the extremist organization Islamic State (IS).

He is currently a prisoner in a camp in Syria which, according to the United Nations, is an inhumane condition. In 2019, his British citizenship was revoked for reasons of national security. However, an appeals court ruled in 2020 that she could defend herself only in an impartial hearing if she could return to Great Britain.

The Supreme Court has now denied it. Its president, Robert Reid, said that the right to a fair hearing does not transcend all other arguments, such as the protection of the population. The case has sparked a controversial debate in Britain. Many Britons say the woman stripped of her citizenship right by traveling to Syria and joining ISIS. Others argue that he should be brought to justice in Britain and not remain a state. Shamima Begum moved to Syria at the age of 15 as a school girl.

After he left, he had three children, but they are dead by now. Now she is – like almost 10,000 other women and children with prior connections to IS fighters – in the prison camps of northeastern Syria run by Syrians and Kurds. The United Nations recently described the conditions there as horrifying and announced that France, Great Britain, China, Russia and the United States, as well as 52 other countries, have an obligation under international law to protect their citizens in the country. Bring it back and inspire them to be there. For example war crimes.

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Instead, he will be detained without charge in the same camps as the Guantanamo Detention Center of the US. Judge Reid said that the woman’s appeal on Friday should be kept pending for hearing so that there would be no danger to the public. This is not a perfect solution, especially since it is unclear how long it may take. But there is no exact solution to such a dilemma.he explained. If a basic public interest makes it impossible for a fair hearing, neither can the courts. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he welcomed the decision. (dpa)

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