See how Jupiter and Saturn lined up in 2020’s “great combination”

Some will call it Christmas Star, Others will refer to it as Great idea Of 2020.

Great combination of moon and night sky Submission Tony on Twitter via @CTVCalgary

This may happen every 20 years, but this year’s great combination will see Saturn and Jupiter in their closest presence in the night sky since 1226 – before the first telescope was discovered.

What is a combination?

In the night sky, two objects appear close to each other in space when their orbits are out of sight of the observer. But in reality, they are not thousands, if not millions, of thousands of miles away

What is happening then?

The two brightest and largest planets in our solar system, since October. Thursday and Saturday, Moving further together in the night sky. And on December 21st, coincidentally winter dialogue, they will be within 0.1º of each other. It’s about the thickness of a dime chocolate bar at arm’s length.

The last great combination occurred in 2000, but both planets were so close to the sun that it could not be seen with the naked eye. In fact, 800 years ago, when they were closer than they would appear on December 21st, you have to go back to March 4, 1226.

How can I see it?

It will be visible around the world Within 1 hour of the setting of the western horizon sun. The planets will now be visible as they get closer to the night sky before “touching” on December 21st. Look for the thin crested moon and two bright objects next to it.

Of course, you need to have clear skies and you can check the latter The national ITV forecast is here

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