See: Dismissed Soccer Pundits return to Ouiza Board for next job on Saturday

See: Dismissed Soccer Pundits return to Ouiza Board for next job on Saturday


From the shutter Saturday when Matt Le Tisier, Charlie Nicholas and Phil Thompson were booted, we never expected them to be seen in their own sitcom, and we certainly didn’t expect them to co-star alongside Alan Karbishal. But we are so, they are very happy.

After their time at Sky Sports is over, they are trying to find new opportunities as well as the new show of paddy ‘Pundits’ is following this quadrant.

If you haven’t seen them already, watch an episode here and a second episode here. You will not regret.

The boys have now turned their attention to the alluring new character in Qatar, but so far their own efforts in hosting a new show have proved somewhat rambling, when Le Tisier’s social media advice ended with Thompson with a “mummy” in the headband and an ominous slogan Should be advised.

In the finale of the three-part series, Le Tisier focused on his brilliant idea: “It’s time to connect with the F * Caking Spirit World.”

The scene below the square sits around an Ouiza board bought by Dean Gaffney will be with us forever – Paul Merson once used one to communicate with the spirit of Lee Harvey Oswald and asked him if he really killed President John F. Kennedy

Le Tisier’s idea is to contact someone who is able to change over time for advice on how they can do it. Someone like Prince, David Bowie or Bradley Walsh. We will not give any spoiler about who they are Tax Contact you, but obviously he played for Swindon Town.

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As in previous episodes, our new comedy hero Karbishele is the star of the show. And you can see the whole thing here.


Spokesman Dhan Shakti said: “I’m glad Tees, Thammo and Charlie are no longer in Saturday Soccer – they’re better as actors.

“As a curb, you can see why he didn’t return to football management. He’s probably joking about making a brilliant indie film that only movie fans know – he’s great. “

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