Second dose of vaccine in RPA. “Eventually I’ll be able to see my grandchildren”

Quebec estimates that the administration of the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in private senior citizens’ homes (RPA) will be completed by Monday. Already, CISSS de Laval, to the delight of many residents, carried out its last day of vaccination at the RPA in its area on Friday.

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During the passage of Press At RPA Oasis Saint-Martin, in Laval, 243 out of 248 residents (“finally!”) Have received their second dose. The other five refused, “for personal reasons,” said Nicole Goulet, director of the establishment.

Vaccination at RPA Oasis Saint-Martin was done without interruption. “You can’t smell anything, like mosquito bites!” ยป, Launched 90-year-old resident Bertrand Arbor. If the smile was hidden by the masks, the illuminated eyes testified to their satisfaction upon receiving their last dose.

“We should have a little more freedom,” explains 87-year-old Hughett Provencal, who sits in the post-vaccine waiting room, set up in the residence’s chapel. “Eventually I will be able to go to my children, have a family meal, it will be good.” It has been a long time ! ”

A busy schedule of reunions awaits another resident, Rose Brochu. When her second dose took full effect, she is already planning to visit her family in the Quebec City area. He hasn’t seen her in over a year. Mto me Brochu is also thinking about helping his sister get out. “Life will begin again. It’s really encouraging, we see the light at the end of the tunnel,” she rejoices.

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Since the onset of the epidemic, face-to-face movements in the habitat are rare. However, Nicole Goulet says her staff has “innovated”. Fitness activities and mass were broadcast live on television so that residents could watch them in their rooms.

Despite everything, the need to come together is felt among the elderly, including 76-year-old Helen Gagnon. “Pocket baseball activities have been canceled. Even though card games and bingo have resumed, they are limited to eight people. I can’t wait to see each other again with the other residents, “she admits, indifferent.

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Despite the high vaccination rates provided by the second dose, concerns remain. Since the onset of the epidemic, Helen Gagnon has avoided shopping. Rather, only his son helps him. Despite this second dose, she does not think she will be able to return anytime soon. “I’m still afraid to go shopping, because there are many people who don’t respect the rules,” she says.

Ditto for Rose Brochu, who plans to maintain hygiene measures. “I don’t think I’m going to lose these habits,” she said, referring to wearing masks, physical distance, and washing hands.

The vaccination campaign in CHSLD has ended throughout the province. Regarding RPA, 94.5% of residents, or 121,322 people, received at least one dose of the vaccine, indicates the Ministry of Health. As of dawn on 28 May, 92,897 had received the second dose.

However, the Ministry states that some exceptions may apply. Especially in the case of people who have just undergone RPA and received their first dose of vaccine. It is also necessary to keep in mind those who refuse the vaccine.

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