Season 6 release date is out, fans will be happy!

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Great news for all Peaky Blinders fans today. This Thursday, March 10, Netflix finally unveiled the release date for the sixth and final season of The Adventures of Tommy Shelby and His Family. Thus, there will still be a fast wait of three months as this last episode of the episode will be available on the platform from June 10. While the series is being broadcast in the UK, on ​​the BBC, French fans will still have to wait a bit as the episodes won’t appear in France until next June.

While producer Steven Knight has assured that this sixth and final season will be the best, fans are growing impatient and should already be a little happier with this good news.

Peaky Blinders final season release date revealed

There’s very (very) good news for all Peaky Blinders fans out there since the sixth and final season finally has a release date. Thus, it is on June 10, that is, in three months, this last burst of episodes will be available.

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