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िडी Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton (United Kingdom): 36 years old
Season: 15th
Ranking 2020: first
Awards: 7 World Championship titles, 95 wins
With a renewed contract for a season, Britton would aim to win an eighth world title and become the sole holder of this record, ahead of Michael Schumacher.

Walteri Bottas (Finland): 31 years old
Season: 9th
2020 Ranking: 2th
Award: 9 wins
Once again teammate Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes, Finn will try to do better than last season when he picked up some pieces left by the British star.

► red bull

Max Verstappen (Netherlands): 23 years old
Season: 7th
2020 Ranking: 3G
Award: 10 wins
After making her debut in the premiere class at the age of 17, Singular will begin her seventh season in Formula 1. Like last year, we can come to Mercedes and disrupt Mercedes hegemony, play and try to win. Take one of the first two places overall.

Sergio Perez (Mexico): 31 years old
Season: 10th
2020 ranking: 4th
Award: 1 win
Given the entire season within the Racing Point team, the Mexican had to wait until the grand grand prix of the season to claim the first win of his career. Encouraged by his team at the end of the season, the success allowed him to fix a wheel for 2021 in place of Alexander Albon. He will aim to reach the height of Max Verstappen.

En make

Daniel Ricardo (Australia): 31 years old
Season: 11th
2020 ranking: 5th
Award: 7 wins
Last year at Renault, Daniel Ricciardo had a much better season than teammate Esteban Ocon. Twice on the box, the veteran Australian this season will aim to intervene at the wheel of his McLaren more often, or even better.

Lando Noris (United Kingdom): 21 years old
Season: 3
2020 ranking: 9th
Award: 1 podium
The young Briton was behind Carlos Sainz last year, but still managed to secure the first career podium. In 2021, he must confirm that he is part of the future of the category.

Martin Aston Martin

Sebastian Vettel (Germany): 33 years
Season: 15th
2020 ranking: 13th
Awards: 4 World Championship titles, 53 wins
After experiencing an actual test in 2020, within Scaderia Ferrari, the former world champion is backing a whole new challenge on Aston Martin, even if he is an old racing point, after an absence of more than 60 years in F1. So “Pink Mercedes” “, rebadged in the name of the iconic brand.

Lance walking (Canada): 22 years old
Season: 5th
2020 ranking: 11th
Award: 3 podiums
Last year, Lance Stroke proved his full potential behind the wheel of a particularly skilled racing point. The author of two podiums and one of only two pole positions Mercedes has survived, the young Canadian will have to do just that against the veteran Vettel with his Aston Martin.

► Alpine

Fernando Alonso (Spanish): 39 years
Season: 18th
Ranking 2020: absent
Awards: 2 World Championship titles, 32 wins
Retiring from 2018, the veteran Spain makes a final challenge to himself by making his return to the major category of motorsport. This coincides with the team’s name change with which they won their titles, Renault which became Alpine.

Esteban Ocon (France): 24 years old
Season: 5th
2020 ranking: 12th
Award: 1 podium
For his return after a year’s absence, the young Frenchman lived a mixed season in 2020. Despite the podium, he stayed far away from his teammate Ricardo and would be inspired by his new partner to complete a year.

► Ferrari

Charles leclerc (Monaco): 23 years
Season: 4e
2020 ranking: 8th
Award: 2 wins
It is no small thing to say that Charles Leclercr has had a complicated year at Scaderia Ferrari. But despite his car’s lack of competition and off the track, Monagasc was able to snatch two podiums. Far from satisfying his hunger, he would like to satisfy it in 2021.

Carlos Sainz Jr. (Spain): 26 years old
Season: 7th
2020 ranking: 6th
Award: 2 podiums
His farewell to McLaren for Ferrari is a considerable promotion on paper, but the devil is in the details. In view of the difficulties introduced by Scaderia Ferrari last year, this change of seat is anything but a gift for the Spaniard who will still try to match his good results in 2020.

► Alpha Tauri

Pierre Gasli (France): 25 years
Season: 5th
2020 ranking: 10th
Award: 1 win
Pierre Gasly succeeds in his 2020 season, ending an almost 25-year French famine in Formula 1 during the Italian Grand Prix in Monza. Still driving an Alpha Tory, the Frenchman will aim to do better in the last year. general classification.

Yuki tsunoda (Japan): 20 years
Season: 1
Founded by Honda, which empowers the Alpha Tori, the very young Japanese will discover Formula 1 in 2020 after finishing 3G in Formula 2 and building their range.

► Alfa Romeo

Kimi Raikkonen (Finland): 41
Season: 19th
2020 ranking: 16th
Awards: 1 world champion title, 21 wins
Finn is the oldest in the category. At the wheel of his Alfa Romeo, he tried to make points with the sole purpose of each race.

Antonio Giovinazzi (Italy): 27 years old
Season: 4e
2020 ranking: 17th
The Italian, whose career is managed by Ferrari, will aim to perform better than the previous season of the wheel of an uncompetitive car.

Om Haas

Mick Schumacher (Germany): 21
Season: 1
Like his teammate Mazepin, seven-time world champion Mike’s son Mick Schumacher will be searching for F1. The German is crowned afresh, having won the Formula 2 title in 2020 and wants to record his first points as quickly as possible.

Nikita Mazepin (Russian): 22 years old
Season: 1
Fifth in Formula 2 last year, the US team Haas was proposed for its first season in the Russian elite. The son of a Russian billionaire who became the team’s sponsor, Mazepin tried to tell people that he was a “paying” driver with a rough reputation.

► williams

George russell (United Kingdom): 23 years old
Season: 3
It’s frustrating to see George Russell in Williams ‘seat as Briton replaced Lewis Hamilton in Mercedes’ Sekhyar Grand Prix in his world. This season, he will make a small part in the British team and will try to score some points.

Nicholas Latifi (Canada): 25 years
season 2
On one Williams away from this level during his best years, Nicholas Latifi was one of the only drivers to end the season with 0 points in the championship and will be eager to avoid this new snub this season.

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