Sean Edwards, Englishman Who Helps the Blues

description – The Manglik coach has turned the tricolor’s defense into an impassable wall.

And if he was the chief recruit of the XV of France? Englishman Sean Edwards. A maniac of defense, an apostle of extreme courage who, a few years earlier, had struck a certain: He said, ‘If you have broken your hand, you can stay on the pitch. You have one left to deal with…” With such a creed, with such a need, there is no question of the blues being weak, abandoning a mate, not giving up one’s body and one’s soul in the name of the common cause. of mission. On Friday evening, XV of France’s defensive performance was homeric. There was only one miss in the first half, a total of 9 for a 93% success rate and 12 hubs with impeccable personal statistics in this area. An impassable line of barbed wire, such as a pair of dainty-fiku centers, carries ten tackles each. Result? There was not the slightest attempt to score by the Welsh, who had not experienced such sterility at home in the tournament for thirteen years.

Sean Edwards Claw. It was he who gave the theory …

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