Script trouble: Bitter blow for Netflix! Lady de Girlfriend leaves ‘The Crown’

Things are not going well for the fifth season of Netflix’s hit ‘The Crown’. While series producers are still searching for a suitable Prince William actor, a friend of Princess Diana’s quit her job on “The Crown” set.

Jemima Khan was a close friend of Lady Di.
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NS Netflix– Hit Series”Crown“Stays in the spotlight seri Especially in Great Britain, but also beyond the borders of the United Kingdom. “The Crown” is likely to be a thorn in the side of the royal family, as the private lives of the royals are scrutinized to the smallest detail. Of course, it cannot be avoided that reality and fiction are inevitably mixed. After all, screenwriters have no way of knowing what really happened behind the castle wall.

Big blow to Netflix! Lady de Girlfriend leaves ‘The Crown’

A fact for which Netflix and “The Crown” are repeatedly criticized. This conflict between reality and fiction caused a friend of the late Lady Di to quit her job on the set of “The Crown”. Jemima Khan was hired to advise series creator Peter Morgan. After much deliberation, she took the job because she wanted her friend Lady Di’s story to be told as truthfully as possible.

Trouble about “The Crown” script – Diana’s girlfriend finds series outrageous

“It was really important to me that the last years of my girlfriend’s life are portrayed with precision and compassion like never before,” Khan told the Sunday Times. But his plan didn’t work. The 47-year-old did not find the script for the fifth season of “The Crown” as compassionate as expected and therefore ended the collaboration. She asked for her “posts to be removed from the series” and declined to be named as a writer in the credits.

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A desperate search for Prince William! Duchess Kate’s husband is missing

For Netflix, Jemima Khan’s exit means another huge amount of tension. Because filming has been going on for months and the 5th season of the streaming service is about to start in November 2022. In addition, recently in the British media it was read that the producers of “The Crown” are still looking for suitable actors. who symbolizes the young Prince William. It seems that the new season is not under one lucky star.

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