Scotland’s long road to the European Union

Scottish politicians prefer to embed the question of their country’s independence since Brexit in a larger environment: after a possible departure from the United Kingdom, they attempt to re-enter the European Union. But the road back to Brussels can be a long one.

“The question of Scottish membership in the EU does not arise at this time,” David McAllister, chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and the UK Coordinating Group in the European Parliament (CDU), told RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND). Notwithstanding this question, the following principle applies: “A country geographically located in Europe that respects our common values ​​may apply for membership of the European Union in accordance with Article 49 of the Treaty of the European Union.” “

“The road to a second independence referendum is long”

In a regulated accession process, this state must meet all demanding political, economic and legal criteria. Furthermore, it would eventually require the approval of a majority of all member states and the European Parliament. “The road to a second independence referendum is a long one and is an internal matter of Britain,” McAllister insisted.

Whether the government in Westminster will consider a second referendum within a short period of time is questionable, says McAllister, who holds both German and British citizenships. The 2014 referendum was described as a “once in generation vote”, a vote that would take place only once in a generation. In the end, the Supreme Court of Britain may have to answer this question. “So the institutional power struggle between Edinburgh and London continues,” McAllister says. “It keeps exciting.”

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