Scotland Tire System Live: First Minister Nicola Sturgeon discusses new coronavirus move in Scottish Parliament

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2020 October Tuesday, 3:09 p.m.

Last updated on Tuesday.
Last updated on Tuesday.

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Latest version: Tuesday, October 27, 2020, 16:30

  • MSPs debate new five-level lockdown strategies
  • On Thursday, FM will announce new levels in the local area
  • Scotland received news of 25 Covid-19 deaths on Tuesday
  • 1,327 new cases of coronavirus have been reported
  • Scott can be vaccinated by Christmas

Changes for Scottish hospitality

Nicola Starzan has announced changes to the hospitality restrictions in the proposed level system of local lockdowns.

The first minister told Hollywood that ministers are planning to set up an expert group to test low-level music regeneration at venues.

Closing hours for Level 1 and Level 2 venues will be increased from 10pm to 10.30pm, he added, adding that pubs and restaurants may be open to curfew in Level 3 but cannot supply alcohol.

Potential level FM in each region of Scotland:

Nicola Sturgeon said the North and South Lanarkshire Council regions are being considered for the highest level of restriction under the proposed tier system.

The first minister told Hollywood that the areas in the Middle Belt subject to austerity measures would probably move to Level 3, and the rest of the country to Level 2.

He added that local authority areas, including the Highlands, Shetland, Arkansas, Western Islands and Mori, would move to Level 1, and he hoped Dandio could move to Level 3.

Sturgeon: An expert advisory group will be established for reintroduction to licensed premises.

First Minister of New Level Restrictions

These are tough sacrifices but they will protect you and your loved ones, they will help protect the NHS and they will be able to save lives.

Nicola Sturgeon

North and South Lanarshire may enter Level 4

Ms Sturgeon said the high incidence and hospitalization in North and South Lanarkshire meant these areas were being considered for the 4th tier of the new tier system. He added that new statistics suggest that the spread of the virus in the region could be brought under control and would be considered before making a final decision.

Starzion: The five-tier system will be effective across Scotland from Monday

Check out Sturgeon in Postcode Checker

Level 1 – Sturgeon at level 4

Messrs. Sturgeon said levels 1, 2 and 3 of the five-tier system would be similar to the various restrictions across Scotland from the end of the summer.

He explained that the highest level, level 4 involved with measures to close non-essential stores. He added that only 4 levels will be pressed only where absolutely necessary.

The Scottish Government will introduce ‘postcode checker’

Mess Starzan said a new postcode checker would allow the Scots to verify what restrictions their area included in the new five-tier system. He said the postcode checker would help clarify public health messaging.

Sturgeon: Increased incomplete testing for most vulnerable groups

Sturgeon: ‘Our position is still fragile’

As winter approaches, FM says Scotland is still not in a stable position, despite some evidence that restrictions on domestic mixing are reducing the spread of the virus.

MSPs are currently debating a new internal investment plan.

Vote on a five-level lockdown system at 7 p.m.

MSPs are set to debate a new five-tier lockdown system for Scotland

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