Scientists race to dive down mystery 130-metre deep ‘blue hole’ on Florida’s Gulf Coast ocean floor

Scientists race to dive down mystery 130-metre deep 'blue hole' on Florida's Gulf Coast ocean floor

Scientists are flocking to Florida’s Gulf Coastline to take a look at a secret 130-metre deep “blue hole” at the base of the ocean.

The enormous slim gap has fascinated scientists, who are getting ready to enterprise inside it to explore which creatures it has.

Named the “Green Banana”, the hole lies about practically 50 metres beneath the floor of the sea and is considered to be among 20 on Florida’s coastal continental shelf.

Specialists from the Countrywide Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have by now gathered 17 water samples from the area surrounding the hole alongside with four sediment samples.

The ‘blue hole’ emerged off Florida’s Gulf Coast (Getty Visuals)

They now plan to embark on a new mission to a second, deeper area of the gap in August, with researchers joining from Mote Maritime Laboratory, Florida Atlantic College, Georgia Institute of Technology and the US Geological Modern society.

“They are fundamentally old springs or previous sinkholes that shaped something like 8 to 10 thousand decades ago,” Dr Emily Corridor, of the Mote Maritime Laboratory and Aquarium, told Fox 13.

“We don’t know whether it is really connected to a cave procedure or if there is floor h2o coming in or out.

“We have discovered that there are substantial stages of vitamins coming out of these holes, we know the carbonate chemistry is pretty various from the bordering water which could be relevant to foreseeable future local climate adjustments, issues like ocean acidification.”

NOAA said in a statement: “Little is acknowledged about blue holes because of to their absence of accessibility and unidentified distribution and abundance.

“The opening of a blue gap can be various hundred feet underwater, and for many holes, the opening is also smaller for an automated submersible.”

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