Scientists have accepted the existence of neighboring universes

Researcher from Kavali Institute of Physics and Mathematics (Japan) Suggested the possibility of parallel universes… He was motivated to do so by a hypothetical scenario of the formation of a primary black hole, preceded by the appearance of stars and galaxies.

The scientists shared their findings on the educational institute’s website. In particular, he argues that The “birth” of the primary black hole is caused by the “infant universe”, which formed during the rapid expansion of the main universe – Inflation. During this period, the daughter cosmos may be separated from the main structure.

According to astrophysicists, such structures collapsed very quickly, but the release of energy during this time provoked the presence of a black hole. If one of these “infant universe” was large enough, it could only be seen from outside as a black hole. Inside, it looked like an expanding universe.

“otherwise also, The “infant universe”, large and small, is seen by us as a primordial black hole that hides the basic structure of many universes behind their “event horizon” – The boundary below which everything, even light, is trapped and cannot leave the black hole, ”the scientist writes.

He also stated that the primordial black hole can be imaginatively captured using a giant hyper supertime-cam digital camera equipped with Subaru’s 8.2-meter telescope on Mount Mauna Kea (Hawaii, USA). The astronomers’ findings are based on the fact that they manage to record an increase in the brightness of the star. It is one that indicates that a black hole is passing against its background, tilting light from a celestial body. Furthermore, it was precisely the brightness indicators that physicists learned to calculate the mass of a hole. Using this method, they already Discovered a possible primary black hole as large as the Moon. This confirmed his hypotheses about the existence of the neighboring universe.

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Furthermore, they do not exclude the mysterious dark matter that accounts for most of the matter in the universe, including primordial black holes.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, astronomers have discovered a possible “twin” of the mysterious ninth planet in the solar system, whose existence has only been fictitiously proven. It is 336 light years from Earth and about the size of Jupiter (but 11 times heavier).

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