Scientists find intriguing gravitational waves associated with black holes

Did you know that the science of gravitational waves saw the light of day only in 2015? However, for these six years, the researchers have already detected 90 gravitational waves, including 35 fluctuations between the period November 2019 and March 2020. The gravitational waves detected during this period are particularly interesting because 33 of them each time involve two black holes.

You should know that gravitational waves are caused by two very large black holes coming close to each other in space. These waves travel through space at the speed of light and after a while reach our planet, compressing and stretching in an alternating series of whatever they touch.

There are many types of black holes and neutron stars

Currently, there are three gravitational wave detectors in the world, including two LIGO in the United States and VIRGO in Italy. Among the last fluctuations discovered, the researchers detected a strange black hole with a mass of 24 solar masses. In fact, researchers speculate that either a 2.8 solar mass black hole was associated with this black hole or perhaps they are in the presence of a very massive neutron star.

In any case, Christopher Berry, a member of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, said that scientists are just getting started” Appreciate the amazing diversity of black holes and neutron stars. Our latest results prove that they are available in many sizes and combinations. We’ve solved some long-standing mysteries, but we’ve also uncovered new puzzles ,

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