“Scientificue”: science at technology en wedette a matv

Until they gain new knowledge in science and technology at school during spring break, children will be able to turn to “ScientificQ”, a program on MAtv starting March 4.

For six episodes, Yannick Bergeron, a high school science teacher, chemist and producer for “Les DeBrilards”, will share various materials and offer experiences that can be reproduced at home, with young people as well as their Also for parents or teachers.

Plants, plants, planets, natural disasters and magnetism are among the topics to be discussed during these 30 minute meetings where scientists will also demolish their profession.

, Martin Vallieres, managing director of Itionsditions CEC, said, “Providing all families with a range of educational programs such as ‘Q Scientific’ during this period, certainly science for students in the second and third cycles of elementary school and Will support learning in technology. ā€¯Behind the show design.

The first episode of “ScientificQ” will be aired on Thursday 4 March at 6 PM and on Saturday 6 March at 1 PM. For complete schedule: matv.ca.

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