Scientific cooperation agreement between Polynesia and CNRS

douard Frich and the Director of CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research), Antoine Petit, this morning signed a scientific cooperation agreement between French Polynesia and CNRS.

“The agreement covers a period of 5 years and specifies the general objectives, thematic priorities, areas as well as the general terms of this cooperation between French Polynesia and the CNRS.

French Polynesia faces major environmental, socio-economic, cultural and geopolitical challenges. The role of research is to provide a detailed understanding of these issues and help provide solutions, particularly through a multidisciplinary scientific approach with the development of innovative technologies.

The CNRS, a multidisciplinary research body, by virtue of its status as a national public establishment present in all fields and its international openness, provides access to high-level scientific and technical equipment and skills. This major of French research is particularly involved in French Polynesia, particularly through the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme du Pacific and thanks to the CRIOBE research center in Moorea, a true “advanced base of the CNRS in the Pacific”. ” Is.

global cooperation

French Polynesia gives French research an exceptional international status which should help it to establish itself at the highest international level on a number of key issues for the planet. It is an open door for major European and international cooperation.

The various missions of the CNRS are specifically to identify, conduct or carry out all research of interest to contribute, either alone or with its partners, to the advancement of knowledge as well as to the economic, social and cultural progress of France. To promote the results of this research, to provide research training and support for research, and to participate in the analysis of the national and international scientific situation and its development prospects with a view to the development of national policy in this area.

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members present

Vice President, Minister in charge of research, Tieri Te Moana Alpha, Research Representative, Te Frogier, Scientific Deputy Director of the Institute of Ecology and Environment (INEE), in charge of sustainable development and “cell water” CNRS, Agathe Uzen, Scientific Deputy Director of INEE , In charge of infrastructure and experimental stations, Dominique Joly, Director of CRIOBE and Research Engineer at CNRS, Annag Le Guen, Director of CNRS Research at CRIOBE, Serge Plein and Eric Conte Professor of the University of French Polynesia, especially at the signing of this Agreement were present during

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