Science under the microscope and at La Perros-Kerichen High School in Brest, Europe – Brest – Kerichen

The “Erasmus+” operation in April, conducted by Céline Le Gall (teacher of the classics) and supervised by Maria Scolan (teacher of English and Russian), Philippe Le Guen (teacher of mathematics) and Guenola d’Astorg (teacher of economics) Gone. , brings together six European high schools in Basno del Grappa (Italy), Athens (Greece), Peques (Hungary), Gdask (Poland), Madrid (Athens) and Brest.

During the week of March 21 to 25, thirteen Italian and Greek high school students along with their teachers were welcomed by Olivier Champue, the principal of La Perros-Kerrichne High School in Brest. Brest correspondents are essentially second year students.

riding on the star

During workshops that took place in high school, but also in UBO, mathematics lecturer Friedrich Plantwin’s “Cabinet of Curiosity,” students reconstruct famous physics experiments and reflect on Earth’s measurements. Instruments such as the repeater circle or astrolabe were created and compared to the sextant and chronograph presented by Lieutenant Yan Marin during a conference on the French Navy’s training ship toile.

The discovery of the machines of the Capuchins, navigation equipment of the National Museum of the Palace of Marina or a guided tour of Oceanopolis made it possible to reflect on the many links between the inventions of European scientists.

The final show proposed by students and teachers of dance (Lenec Michel) and specialties of music (Bertrand Thomas) made it possible to launch the theme of the Erasmus + 2022-2023 workshop in a friendly spirit: “Arts and Science”. It will provide students of the “Erasmus+” club with three international mobility opportunities at the high schools of Basno del Grappa (October 2022), Madrid (January 2023) and Athens (April 2023).

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