Science Po Paris called “to defeat Marine Le Pen”

The institute’s council, bringing together professors and students, explained in a text that its “role” was to call for defeating an RN candidate taking a position for the first time in a presidential election.

The Council of the Institute of Sciences po Paris, which brings together professors, students and staff, took an unprecedented position in its history on Wednesday ahead of the second round of the presidential election, calling on Sunday to “defeat Marine Le Pen”. Did.

“Our university has always promoted the values ​​of freedom, social and international openness, humanism and made academic freedom a fundamental framework for action”, explains a text from the Council of Science Institute published on the institute’s website.

“Among the identifying elements of Science Poe, is this openness, the fact that we are attached to the rule of law, to the principles of the Constitution of 46, to the role of the Constitutional Council, to the principle of non-discrimination, of the Republic. To promote the pluralism of values”, emphasized Mathias Vicharat, director of Science Po, to AFP.

an unprecedented situation

The Institute’s council “considered that given all these elements of identity, it was our role to call upon to defeat Marine Le Pen”, they continued. “This is the first time that as an institute, the Science PO has taken such a position at the level of the Council of the Institute, as was not the case in 2002 and 2017”.

“I think it is particularly associated with greater risk this year than in 2002 and 2017, which in a way justifies a form of exit from the reserve principle”, emphasized Mathias Vicharat.

According to the Institute of Sciences Po, “Intimidation methods from the far right are currently legion, such as intimidating students in Nancy on Wednesday 13 April and peacefully attacking student protesters in front of 27 rue Saint-Guillaume, Thursday afternoon, 14 April, by individuals claiming to be from Generation Zemour, the national branch of the Student Cockade and UNI union”.

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Entry to the building blocked last Thursday

About 150 students blocked access to the Science Po Paris last Thursday, before being evicted by far-right activists.

Describing these methods as “threatening and intimidating”, Mathias Vicharat told AFP that Sciences Po would “take disciplinary measures against some of the party’s organizers, who claimed to be from afar, students of Sciences Po. Huh”. “I do not accept this form of exchange between students,” he said.

Last week, France’s universities, which represent 116 higher education and research establishments, called for “an important choice for the next five years” in a press release to “vote against the farthest on April 24”. called upon.

The statement said Marine Le Pen’s program “goes against our view of French society.”

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