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Decision – From the 1980s, before the school colonized media and education, ENA became a springboard for doing more politics.

In 2012, on the day of the funeral of former director of Signs Po, Richard Deschkings, there was a crowd of ministers, bankers, senior officials. President Nicholas Sarkozy called the widow that morning, recalling journalist Rafael Bequay. Richie. Half of François Hollande’s campaign team was relocated. Even Barack Obama expressed his condolences. Why such pomp for a certain elite director but dozens of others? Due to its uniqueness: “Network Science is Po’s strength”, Pierre locates Mathiot.

Today, the director of Lille’s IEP, himself passing through Rue Saint-Guillaume, believes“No other school allows you to participate in profiles as diverse as future press directors, senior civil servants, advertisers, associate professors who have become leaders in their disciplines, business leaders, politicians. It is unique in the world! “ for

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