Science Po in Rennes. High school students welcome in intensive internships

Starting next week, eighteen high school students from Il-et-Véline will participate in the Integrated Studies Program (PEI) established by the Institute of Political Studies (IEP, known as Science-PO) for qualified students. aim? “Give meaning to qualification, The director of science po rance summarizes Pablo Diaz. Many youth still believe that higher education is not for them. The PEI program is specifically aimed at combating this phenomenon of self-censorship. “

“Mission of democratization”

Formed more than ten years ago, the program consists of eleven departments including Ile-et-Véline. From middle school to high school, it prepares students for higher education to move from a priority neighborhood or located in a rural revitalization area. “This regional network has strengthened over the years, with sci-po Rennes positioning himself as the leader of the Great West. This democratization mission is at the heart of our raison d’etre “, Adds Pablo Diaz.

Participants are selected according to three criteria: social (tax notice from parents), school (Bulletin from previous year and reference teacher’s opinion and head of establishment) without forgetting their degree of motivation. They benefit from an online platform to work on educational content, group work sessions supervised by a team of teachers, coaching sessions led by student tutors.

Practice grand oral

The high point will be held from 22 to 24 February with an intensive course, exceptionally this year by videoconference. During these three days, students follow an oral training session, then participate in scenarios, participate in tutorials, and explore the daily lives of a student at Rennes’s IEP.

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PEI Lychee allows, among other things, one of the Sci-POs in France to prepare for the Common Entrance Examination. The device is extended to secondary school students “ To encourage students’ ambition, to break out of college walls and break social or geographical isolation. It is up to us to continue to build bridges with other establishments and other areas of education. ”, Explains Laure Schiettecatte, Democracy Officer at Sci-PO Rennes. A third PEI program for vocational high schools will soon be launched.

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The Institute of Political Studies (IEP) of Rennes is located Dwelsey-Anne, not far from law school.

Science Po in Rennes. High school students welcome in intensive

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