Science PO 2021: Awards to the awardees

9th Prize Distribution Ceremony for Science Po Paris 2021 Award Winners

At the Crow Reunion, the President of the Reunion Region, Huguet Bello would like to congratulate the 4 winners, Eva Taylmin, Alyssa Robert, Garance Bouland and Paul Talpin.

“I am proud of the success of Reunion youth, who are able to enter leading French schools. Our 4 award winners from Reunion are the carriers of talent. Reunion can make you proud. You are the future. Your success deserves it.
It is our duty to support our youth. The Reunion area will support the youth of Reunion. We must apply the necessary levers to make it take shape. We have to think about the departure and return of our youth. We should encourage training and apprenticeship so that young reunions can take up positions of responsibility in the future. “
Huguet Beautiful, President of the Reunion Region

“This ceremony is an opportunity to showcase the talented reunion youth.”
Amina Lala, Crow Reunion General Manager

“The meaning of primary education is to ensure that the children of Saint-Joseph, Saint-Paul or Saint-Denis have the same opportunities as any teenager in Paris. This is republican equality. We fight against social determinism.”
Abdullah Lala, Honorary President of Science Po Alumnus

“In 2014, I was in your shoes. This is an important moment. Supporting youth from underprivileged neighborhoods gives them every opportunity to be involved in Science Po. You, the award winner, are proof that anything is possible. ”
Guillaume GOVINDIN, President of Science Po Alumnus

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Sciences Po 2021: back in photos from the awards ceremony to the winners this Wednesday, July 7, 2021.

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