Science parity: helping teachers in the interest of female students

Numbers speak

Society holds that science is a male domain. Yet the skill of women is equal to that of men. Unfortunately, the figures have stabilized: for some 50 years, in some areas, the increase in the number of women has been based on inertia. However, locally or globally, women in science undertake promising projects for the whole society.

Do you teach in a college setting?

With your colleagues from all regions of Quebec, you are at the center of the solution, removing barriers and eradicating conservatism to produce a significant impact.

A guide including tools and advice to go further!

We work closely with Quebec CEGEP to encourage students to consider careers in computer science, mathematics or physics. To help you, we have designed, developed and distributed a free kit including digital tools and concrete answers to this fundamental issue. We also provide free training on the application of these devices in college educational institutions which are required. So you have everything at hand to activate supportive and positive mechanisms.

Equality: A Call for Your Commitment

In a context where high technologies, knowledge economies and global competition are shaping our daily lives, your participation is important. Together, let’s hatch new talents. Let us participate in a more prosperous society, in a more equal future.

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