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F. Nicotra, J. Bowlestics, JM. Mir, L. Michelle – France 3

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Nanosatellites weighing less than 10 kg have the same potential as larger satellites. Earlier in the week, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire urged the French space community to join the battle order to build a mini launcher and one. Small Rocket.

his name is Angels, etc. CIt is the first French nanosatellite launched into space in 2017. This allows the status of the beacon to be broadcast Argos Or even weather data. Compared to a classic satellite, it is astonishing for its measure: it No bigger than a shoe box, and it only weighs a few pounds.

This is forward-looking technology. ,Tomorrow, satellites will be used for science, very important social issues before us: For example greenhouse gases, water resource management. Thanks to nanosatellites, we will be able to have global and daily coverage of all these events.”, says Laurent Javaneu, Responsible nano satellite , hemeria, Global coverage will also be possible thanks to a fleet of nanosatellites.

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