Science 2020: Astronomers discover ‘new’ black hole, closer than ever

Great news by 2020, far above our heads: The Southern Observatory ESO in Munich announced in May that the nearest black hole had ever been found. This may mean that the number of black holes in our universe is already very large. And beware: black holes are omnipresent. Five questions in science journalist governing shilling Stax and Toine.

Never before has a black hole been discovered so close to the Earth

Groundbreaking is the discovery of that black hole “only” 1000 light years away?

“It’s very attractive. When you do something attractive and it’s right around the corner, it’s fantastic. It’s still ten billion kilometers away. So still very far from human standards. But you can say If you. Our galaxy compares with Amsterdam, and you live in one of the suburbs you’ve suddenly discovered such a black hole in your street. “

Black holes suck things, right? Is there a chance that our planets are also in danger?

“We don’t have to worry. When you go into space it will be different and you will intentionally fly to such a black hole.”

The discovery suggests that there are many more ‘cool’ black holes?

“You can’t see a black hole, it’s black, so you have to detect it with an impact on the environment, you see that something is moving and you have to measure it. Sometimes you can measure gas with an X-ray. Let’s see, this is the way it is. A handful of black holes have been discovered. Some have been discovered, but surely you think there are more. This discovery makes it admirable that there are many more.

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Where exactly does our fascination with black holes come from? (And those scientists?)

“For us, of course, the creepy aspect. The all-consuming thing. But to astronomers they are attractive because they are not well understood. Nobody can understand what happens in a black hole. If we If we understand more about black holes, then we all know more about nature. Big bang and the behavior of particles. Quantum physics. A lot of puzzles can reach their solution if we understand it. “

This article originally appeared on 6 May.

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