Schools in our region have been affected by the term coronavirus

As the virus spread, schools across our region became infected with the coronavirus.

With half-term starting this week, there are now student and teacher breaks, but a large number of schools have dealt with a non-stop break by barriers.

The results varied greatly from school to school, with some people being able to send home year or class group bubbles and others having to shut down completely due to staffing crises.

Perhaps the period of self-isolation for students will continue in the winter, despite a plateau in recent days the rate of virus in our region is high

A two-week half-term briefly considered to deal with the Liverpool Mayo Joe Anderson virus was finally rejected but schools will continue to face disasters in the second half of the autumn term.

Teachers across the region and the country have reported a growing strain on their resources as they try to study while the students are missing out on scholarships that they missed earlier this year.

Professor Neil Ferguson, a former government scientific adviser, said schools would have to go to some students to control the virus for the rest of this year.

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Since the start of the new term, schools have been confirmed by the ECO that there have been positive coronavirus cases:

  1. West Derby School
  2. Sudley Juniors School, Igborth
  3. Liverpool College, Mosle Hill
  4. Hunts Cross Elementary School, Hunts Cross
  5. Our Lady of Immaculate Primary School, Everton
  6. English Martyr Catholic Elementary School, Learland
  7. Entry Davenhill Elementary School
  8. Lutherland Moss Elementary School, Learland
  9. Kidzone Nursery, St. Helens
  10. Woodchurch High School
  11. Brackenwood Infant School, Babington
  12. Modo Park School, Stockbridge Village
  13. Wade Deacon High School, Widness
  14. Broad Square Community Primary School, Norris Green
  15. Ridgeway Secondary School, Birkenhead
  16. Bidston Village Church of England Primary School, Bidston
  17. St. John’s Catholic Junior School, Woodhey
  18. St. James Church of England Elementary School, Haddock
  19. Wargrave Church, Newton-le-Willows, England Primary School
  20. Co-op Academy Babington
  21. Lingham Elementary School
  22. Archbishop Beck Catholic College, Entre
  23. King David High School, Childwall
  24. St. Julie’s Catholic High School, Ulton
  25. Calderness School, Allerton
  26. Rudston Elementary School, Childwall
  27. Windsor Community Primary School, Toxtith
  28. Lipa Primary, Liverpool city center
  29. Cardinal Henan Catholic College, West Derby
  30. Holly Spirith Catholic Elementary School, Learland
  31. St. Michael’s Church, Crossby, England School
  32. Hudson Elementary School, Magellan
  33. Childwall Sports and Science Academy, Childwall
  34. St. Lawrence CE Primary School in Kirkdale, Kirkdale
  35. Prescott School, Prescott
  36. St. Edwards
  37. Studio School, Baltic Triangle
  38. St. Francis Xavier
  39. Fazakereli Primary
  40. Fazakerli Hi
  41. Alsop Hi
  42. Marycourt High School
  43. St. Edmunds and St. Thomas Catholic Primary School, Waterloo
  44. St. Luke’s, Formby
  45. Rowan Park School, Buttle
  46. Ormiston Bowlingbrook Academy, Runcorn
  47. Ormiston Chadwick Academy, Runcorn
  48. Ashley High School, Weedness
  49. St. Thomas CE Elementary School, St. Michael with Widness
  50. Masslands School in Wallace
  51. St. John’s Catholic Junior School, Babington
  52. Renford High School, St. Helens
  53. Rainhill High School, St. Helens
  54. Blakeville Primary School, Windell
  55. St. Julie’s Primary School, Eccleston
  56. Redbridge High School, Fazakerle
  57. Belvedere Academy, Princess Park
  58. Gaiton Elementary School, Heswal
  59. The Heath School, Runcorn
  60. Mogul Hi
  61. Deye hi magul
  62. Willis Houston
  63. Stanley High, Southport
  64. Primary School in Somerville, Walsy
  65. Tower College, Rainhill
  66. St. Phillips CE, Buttle
  67. Sacred Heart, Crossby
  68. Forfield Jr., Crossby
  69. Formby Hi
  70. Alsop High, Walton
  71. Holy Lodge
  72. All saints, bottlenecks
  73. Archbishop Blanche
  74. Bellerive
  75. Burton Hall, West Derby
  76. Broadgreen Intel School
  77. Getakre Hi
  78. Our lady
  79. St. Hilda
  80. Of the room
  81. Grange Academy, Runcorn
  82. Holy Family, Thornton
  83. Greenbank High, Southport
  84. The mountains are high
  85. Anfield Road Elementary
  86. Gilmore Juniors, Garston
  87. Kensington Primary
  88. Lemington Community Primary, Norris Green
  89. Middlefield Community Primary, Spec
  90. Norman panel
  91. Springwood Heath, Garston
  92. St. Francis de Sale
  93. Trinity Catholic
  94. Catholic of St. Albert, Knolsley
  95. Saint Peter and Paul Catholic, Knolsley
  96. Blacklow Bravo School, Nowsale
  97. Nowsale Lane
  98. St. Mary’s Catholic, Knosley
  99. Holy Spirit Catholic and CE, Viral
  100. Primary in Birkadal
  101. Christ Church CE, Buttle
  102. Chesterfield High School, Crossby
  103. North Liberal Academy
  104. Rice Lane Elementary School
  105. St. Edmund Aerosmith Catholic High School, Houston
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