School apologizes after Christmas meal served at discount

In England, staff shortages and supply problems due to the pandemic made the Christmas meal better for students at Stanning Grammar School.

On Tuesday, schoolchildren were able to taste two pieces of white bread, a piece of ham, chicken, a piece of sausage rolled in bacon, a small pie and … an industrial dessert, reports huffpost, A menu that aroused parental anger. “Thank you for the Christmas meal served to our children […]“It filled them with joy,” said a father whose two daughters visit the establishment, ironically, on Twitter.

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Several publications with pictures of food trays circulated on the web created a bad buzz for the school. At first, the establishment’s deputy director indicated that £3.5 (about €4) of this meal would not be reimbursed, but he quickly revised his position, as explained. huffpost,

In an email sent to the students’ parents the next day, the establishment apologized for serving food “that is not of the standard we would have liked or expected”.

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