Schiller and Arts News slipping on a sequin face mask to celebrate 70 years at the Shirley Bus Showbiz

Dame Shirley has added some glamor to her coronavirus protection system on the bus, slipped behind a sequined face mask and matched the floor-length gown to celebrate 70 years in show-business.

The 63-year-old singer is releasing his first new album in more than five years.

Chanel did the gold dress James Bond The Goldfinger movie for which he sang the theme in 1964 and made it famous around the world.

The Welsh star was photographed in Italy earlier this autumn, in an ornate marble-filled room overlooking the park with Rome pillars and steel windows.

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Can a garment ever have too much gold? Dame Shirley is not thinking

He described his upcoming record, I Wow It All To You, as a “grand finale”.

Dame Shirley has released 70 albums of his career and sold nearly 14 million records.

He is the only artist to have performed multiple Bond music – recording three – Goldfinger, Diamonds and Forever and Moonrecker.

She first started singing as a teenager in her native Wales, working in pubs and clubs while working in a factory.

She became the first Welsh singer in January 1959 with the album We Weeching Bus Bassi from Us I Love You.

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Other accolades include the first receiving the British Award for Best British Female Solo Artist in 1977 and the first musician to receive the Freedom of the City of Cardiff Award.

In 2000 he gained a reputation for his services to performing art.

Her last studio album, Hello Like Beer, was released in 2014.

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The new album, which will include both new and old elements, will be released on Deca Records later this year.

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