Scalia is confident that U.S. businesses can reopen in the middle of the coronavirus

Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia said businesses may start reopening when security measures are taken, despite the increase in coronavirus incidents in some states.

“We have new cases, we have to pay attention to this, [but] I believe we can safely reopen our workplaces, ”he said. “Fox News Market.”

“It will be important for people to take social distance seriously and wear masks when they cannot take social distance and so on,” he continued. “We can safely reopen it, we can reopen it while the virus is still there, but it will get harder if people don’t take it seriously.”

Scalia added about 5 million jobs to the US in June, expressing retail spending figures and optimism promising the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, which came into force on July 1.

Asked whether the country would see a V-shaped improvement, Scalia replied: “These are the indications we see.”

He also admitted that “there are still many Americans who are still unemployed” and said the president is considering tax cuts.

Scalia said the Trump administration is ready to deal with the increase in coronavirus cases while businesses are open – Texas and Florida reported daily increases on Saturday, and some health professionals warned that the number of patients could crush hospitals.

“We knew that as people left their homes, out of their basements and the like, we knew the cases would increase,” said Scalia. “We are much more prepared to deal with these cases than a few months ago … we have the necessary equipment and hospital beds to deal with this situation.”

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“This is something we can achieve,” he said.

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