Say goodbye to scalpers with this new Sony platform

We won’t teach you anything by telling you that since Its release in November 2019Of course, Sony’s PS5 leaves much to be desired. If the miracle solution isn’t there while waiting for more stock to arrive, the manufacturer has nevertheless put in place a method that should give you a higher chance of getting his latest console,

Between shortages and scalpers, life’s hard start for PS5

Millions of gamers have been trying for more than a year for PS5, The PS4’s younger sister, the original version of which still dates back to 2013, but which Sony is still betting on again. Because if the latest Sony console crushes its rival made in Microsoft and offers impressive performance and games, The lack of components prevents it from selling as much as it should, Simply because the stocks are not keeping up with the demand.

But there’s a problem that players are well aware of and perhaps even more infuriating: scalpers. These “dealers” take advantage of the hype and general impatience to buy PS5s in large quantities, before reselling them on the net for exorbitant prices. And regularly over 1,000 euros. And if you thought no one would go to such ruins for an ordinary console, think again, these last-generation PlayStations are selling outrageously expensive.

Which is why the creators eventually decided to react, setting up a platform allowing players to buy directly from him. It’s called PlayStation Direct and may well represent your salvation.

A real solution for finally dealing with resellers?

If you’ve ever lost hope of getting your hands on a PS5, head over to Sony’s PlayStation Direct! As we told you about it last summer, the online platform was set up in the United States, and was to be expanded to most European countries by early 2022. The same has been done in France. From now on you can visit this website, Identify yourself with your PSN account, and get different products (stuff, games) PlayStation. if you are lucky Maybe you can get a PS5.

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Because if the fact of identifying yourself with your PlayStation Network account makes it possible to avoid an influx of scalpers, then nothing is guaranteed. In fact, it’s already required that stocks — very limited — be kept online, something still relatively rare. But most of all, the site doesn’t allow you to buy a PS5 directly. It actually allows you to register to potentially be ready. If you are one of the lucky ones, you will be able to reach a buying session during which you will have to be the fastest. In short, nothing is won.

Let’s quote PlayStation, which, in its FAQs about its platform, to get you off a bit, Indicates that the drawn players will be selected according to “Past activity and demonstrated interest in PlayStation”. Nothing more concrete at the moment, but we imagine that means The more you play regularly or longer on the manufacturer’s console, the more likely you are to be attracted. Good Hunger Games for all.

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