Saudi Arabia: Digital “Elm” acquires an investment share from Smart Solutions Company

Saudi Arabia: Digital “Elm” acquires an investment share from Smart Solutions Company

To enhance their growth strategies by entering promising companies

Wednesday – 9 Jumada I 1442 AH – 23 December 2020 AD

Part of the process of signing the agreement between Elm and Smart Solutions Company (Middle East)

Riyadh: «Middle East»

Elm Digital Solutions Saudi Arabia announced the acquisition of an investment stake in the company “Smart Home Solutions”, which directs its services to various government and private organizations in the areas of resource management systems, and enterprises for small and medium enterprises Provides integration services for applications and data services.
CEO of Elm Company Drs. Abdul Rahman al-Jadi pointed out that the move falls within the framework of its growth strategies by investing in promising companies, in addition to enhancing services for various sectors, be it large, medium and small.
Al-Judai emphasized the importance of innovators in ELM, as the company is interested in innovative entrepreneurial projects and adventurous investments in companies, and to develop its companies through financial investment, consistent with the type and nature of the entrepreneurial company and entrepreneur And supports entrepreneurs in strengthening strategic aspects.
“This is done through participation in capital and technical expertise and support for work,” he said. Through these investments, Alam contributes to creating a promising investment environment to support entrepreneurs in various technology sectors and secure exit opportunities for founders in entrepreneurial companies.
According to information released today, “Elm” has over the years acquired several major local and regional companies, a company in “Unifunk”, “Sara”, “Z”, “Baizat”, “Fodex” and “Health Me”. Has invested in addition to. An exchange for achieving integration and interdependence in the logistics sector.
For his part, Abdul Majid Al-Mousa, CEO of Smart Watan Solutions, said his company specializes in providing consulting and business integration services for the government and private sector, data science and business intelligence dashboards.
It is noteworthy that “Elm” aims to contribute to accelerate the process of economic development in Saudi Arabia through digitization processes, and work to present a clear road map and plan that will diversify the economy Adopts the necessary investment and cooperation as an approach, and creates future opportunities to promote the growth of small and medium enterprises, and opens up new economic prospects for a sustainable economy. Long term.



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