Satellite friction between Britain and China

By Carlos Pires, The

satellite television Can bring people together, but it can also separate them.

This is what one can conclude from the latest incident between Britain and China. A few days ago, the premier withdrew the license to broadcast the Chinese English-language satellite news channel. China Global Television Network (CGTN), On the pretext that the license was wrongly kept Star Media Limited (SCML) – In Britain, broadcasting laws passed by Parliament stipulate that broadcasting licensees should have control of the licensed service, including editorial oversight of the programs they broadcast, which was clearly not the case for SCML, the production of which CGTN did not have editorial responsibility.

China’s response was immediate: Chinese broadcasting regulator announces withdrawal of news channel from airwaves BBC World News In the country for serious content violations. The National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) said that BBC World News said: In its reporting on radio and television and in its reporting on China severely violated rules on the management of foreign satellite television channels, which went against the requirements that the news should be true and fair, and undermined China’s national interests and ethnic solidarity .. The organization concluded by saying that it would not accept the channel’s broadcast request for the new year.

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