Sarah Zammahi, who is the Veil-LaREM candidate whose nomination was finally withdrawn?

Portrait – Sara Zemahi, a substitute candidate in the departmental elections in Hérault, withdrew her LAEM nomination due to the veil she wore on the campaign’s poster. An opportunity to learn more about this young woman, a graduate in health engineering.

He wiped out the anger on the right. Smiling with LaREM candidates in departmental elections, Sarah Zemahi was to stand as a substitute in a canton of Montpellier (Hérault). It was counted without the opinion of the head of the presidency. At the end of the day on this Tuesday, May 11, Stanislas Guerini decided to withdraw his nomination. The region? Please tell that the girl is seen wearing white clothes.

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2021 Regional and Departmental Elections

If, in law, nothing stops wearing this cloth on a poster, it “Unstable religious signs” Not as per the choice of general representative of LaREM. On any part of the authority that does not even attack the candidate. Described as a propagator of Islam, by his opponents “Young women of her time involved in community life” By her supporters, who is Sara Zamahi?

An engineer involved in community life

On the professional social network LinkedIn, we learn that the woman has graduated in Health Engineering at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Montpellier. At the age of 26, he is currently a quality engineer on a mission for the company CENEXI in le-de-France. In the pages of Afternoon time, Mahfood Benali, the Lafem candidate for Canton 1 in Montpellier, states that he is currently “Moving” car “at goal On vaccines against Kovid-19 “. For the regional daily, he describes a young woman “strong”. “She will get up from it. And will not remove her veil.”, He assured.

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The candidate also underlines his investment in community life. “She volunteers and does tuition.” We get to know on LinkedIn that she is the founder and vice president of the Tabassum Association. A collective in 2015, which literally means “mouse” in Arabic, and whose mission is “Fight for the development of youth of disadvantaged neighborhoods” And “To help the needy”. On the damsel’s page, we find several interests for the associative environment.

But for the part of the far right, the association is only an excuse. He accused Tabassum of spreading the idea of ​​the Muslim Brotherhood. LR MP Eric Ciotti Very angry against it “Veil candidate (…) is close to Bhai Sangha vice-president Tabassam Tariq Ramadan”. Jordan Bardella, RN spokesman and head of the list in dele-de-France, meanwhile vacant “Islamist activists”. The allegations that originate in some of the association’s Facebook publications. Among them, we actually share the publication of Tariq Ramadan, which dates back to October 2016. The association thanks the Swiss Islamologist for exposing Tabassum’s page “Positive initiative of the day”.

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Critics who have “Appreciated” The candidate was Helen Quistgaard, of whom Sarah Zamahi was to be the replacement. For her, no doubt: the maiden “(…) invested in local community life represents the republic”.

Many publications on social networks actually show an association – joint confession – but open to all, for solidarity and diversity. Candidate Mahfood Benali also makes a beneficial portrait of this collective, which organizes support sessions and debates on harassment, and is hosted at the Café de Montelier. Wherever, he recalls, Emmanuel Macron went to Montpellier during his last visit. And had an argument with a woman with a veil in the neighborhood.

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