Santander in UK mistakenly sent customers £130m for Christmas

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There are 75,000 individuals among individuals and companies who have received additional funds from the financial conglomerate’s 2,000 accounts.

As The Times reports, the Spanish bank accidentally handed out a huge Christmas bonus to thousands of people and businesses on Christmas Day.

£130 million is the amount that Banco Santander mistakenly paid to about 75,000 customers on Christmas Day, now the company is figuring out what are the possibilities to make up for the loss, the newspaper reports.

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The error occurred when paying twice from 2,000 business accounts.

The bank says, “We regret that due to a technical issue, some payments from our corporate customers were accidentally duplicated in the recipient’s accounts.”

,None of our customers have run out of money and we will work hard with multiple banks across the UK to recover duplicate transactions over the next few days.”

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The biggest problem for the bank is to return the money sent to the customers of other banks. According to media reports, the latter fears that the recipients have already spent the money paid.

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