Samsung’s wireless charger is free again during sale

Samsung’s wireless charger isn’t the most efficient, but it’s arguably the most affordable. For the summer sale of 2021, it looks like it’s free on Cdiscount thanks to ODR. Find all the explanations below.

Do you have devices that are compatible with wireless charging, but you’ve never seen such a practical use of this technology? With the Samsung Inductive Charger on sale wildly, you won’t have to spend a dime to try it.

Samsung’s wireless charger is…

  • A rounded and discreet design
  • 5W charging for Qi compatible devices
  • and 10 W fast charge for Samsung smartphones

Instead of 25.90 euros, Samsung’s wireless charger is now available in promotion on the Cdiscount site for 19.99 euros. And with 20 EUR ODR valid until 30 September, it becomes free!

A thoughtful and practical design

Samsung’s wireless charger features a low-profile design that makes it easy to blend in with decor when placed on a bedside table or desk. At the top, there’s a small, very practical grip area to prevent unintentional slipping of items placed on it.

Samsung devices are clearly at an advantage

This base is capable of recharging your devices wirelessly, plus up to 10 W for some Samsung stamped devices. Fast Charge is a proprietary protocol from the Korean brand that is available from Galaxy S7 to S21 Ultra. This also works for its connected objects, such as the Galaxy Watch Active for example. For all other Qi-certified devices, charging only goes up to a maximum of 5W.

In addition, the station will charge your device even if it is covered with a protective shell, provided it is not thicker than 5 mm. Finally, note that the Samsung Base offers a USB-C connection, but no suitable cable is supplied with it. So you’ll have to use the wire you already have, or buy a separate one.

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2021 summer sales: all you need to know

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