Samsung’s The Frame 2022 is glare-free TV

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(pocket-lint) — There’s a lot to be said about the resumption of in-person events: Without CES 2022, we wouldn’t be able to see Samsung’s The Frame 2022 TVs with our own eyes.

And we’re so glad we did: but it’s an absolutely breathtaking panel. Could this be our alternative to the show?

Why? Because the 2022 version of The Frame deploys an anti-reflective panel that qualifies as “anti-glare.” It has been certified by UL Labs.

It’s no exaggeration: We turned on our phone’s flashlight on the panel and it didn’t reflect on us like a mirror. Nearby lamps in the Samsung CES 2022 closed-door showroom – where we were also teased to take a look at the QD-OLED prototype (the only one in the world outside Samsung HQ) – n it didn’t even affect the frame , while the one nearby The Neo QLED panels have really reflected.

So why is this important? Samsung’s vision is that you can display more than just a TV on such a panel. For example, you can set up artwork from a gallery, and it will present a real canvas-like appearance. It’s so authentic that you’ll want to reach up and touch the screen – which is why there’s also a fingerprint-resistant coating on the panel to keep things even more pristine.

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We believe there is more than that, living rooms with large windows and an anti-glare panel and suffering from reflections from various light sources would clearly benefit. Not to mention that the panel here, at 4K resolution and supporting 120Hz, is a stunner with all the latest standards.

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To be anti-glare certified, Frame 2022 had to pass UL-defined threshold tests, which assess reflection, discomfort and disability, establishing a Unified Glare Index (UGR) for each. The frame, clearly, passed with flying colors. It’s a sign we’ve never seen before.

Although Samsung hasn’t released final model numbers at this point, you’ll be able to buy this impressive TV in sizes from 32 to 85 inches. If you get the chance to see one, we strongly encourage you to do so – it is an impressive feat indeed to achieve it.

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