Samsung unveils its new photo sensor, ISOCELL 2.0

With ISOCELL 2.0, Samsung is correcting one of the major drawbacks of its photo sensor, allowing it to collect more light.

After several generations of its famous ISOCELL photo sensor, Samsung has just unveiled its version 2.0, titled … ISOCELL 2.0. This technology, introduced in 2013 on the Samsung Galaxy S7, allowed the firm to opt out of the game on the edge of the photo on the smartphone. The specialty of this sensor lies in its so-called BSI (Back Side Illuminating) design, with reflective obstructions between each pixel, preventing light leaks and thus reducing light pollution between each pixel by about 30% Becomes possible. The problem is that if these well-known obstructions reduced light pollution between pixels, they were not fully reflected and this actually led to the loss of light within the sensor.

To remedy this flaw, Samsung has found a solution. Already, with ISOCELL Plus launching in 2018, its partnership had helped design a new material with less metal, and therefore absorbed less light, but Samsung went even further with ISOCELL 2 Is free from any metal, whose barriers are thereafter made of a new material. As a result, the firm has a sensor that combines both the huge benefits of ISOCELL in terms of separation between pixels, but these constraints that make it not involve any loss of light.

Thus, ISOCELL 2.0 should capture a lot more light than before, and, as we know, the more light a sensor can enter, the better the output image will be. Regrettably, this means that Samsung will be able to multiply pixels, without losing light. This innovation, combined with the latest mobile chips capable of handling more pixels, only works well for the future of smartphone photography, and may allow a Korean firm to steal Sony’s top spot . Undisputed leader in the photo section. Sensors for smartphones … but its dominance is growing by Samsung.

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