samsung screen freezes for no reason

Even more than two years after its launch, the Galaxy S20 continues to have problems. According to multiple complaints on Reddit and Samsung forums, some S20 owners report multiple lines of Pixels now interfering with their device’s screen. As of now, the manufacturer has not officially reacted to the problem.

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Surely, the Galaxy S20 has had a variety of problems over the past few months. In July 2021, several owners of former Samsung flagships complained of major problems with their device’s screen. In such a situation, these users kept watching helplessly because the screen of their smartphone died.

This failure was first manifested before the appearance of several black and white bands on the slab. The latter is not completely white or green, A big problem, especially since no software solution could solve it. The only possibility for the respective users, Choose the option to change screen, An operation that can be costly, especially if the smartphone is no longer under warranty. In December 2021, the Black series continued, with several sound problems on the Galaxy S20 following the deployment of the One UI 4.0 update.

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Pixel lines up on Galaxy S20’s panel, after green screen

However, our colleagues from the Android Police site relay New problem on Galaxy S20 screen, Indeed, many users on Twitter, Reddit and Samsung forums report that Lines of pink or green pixels no longer interfere with the screen His S20. Many of them claim that this problem occurred after the latest One UI 4.0.1 software update. In fact, one would think that this is the source of the problem.

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However, other very old testimonials (some date from August 2021) report the same malfunction. ,Samsung, I believe you should have a reminder on your phone. Obviously this vertical green line is a known problem on your S20 and S20 Plus range. I just got a software update and tonight, out of the blue, this vertical green line suddenly appeared on my screen. This is not satisfying Samsung”, A proprietor writes on the forum of the Seoul firm.

for the moment, Samsung has not yet officially commented on this issue., In fact, it is impossible to know its origin or to know whether the manufacturer intends to take charge of any repairs on injured users’ equipment. We will update this article as we know more.

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