Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 announced: Specs and where to buy

The Z Fold 3, when fully opened, sports a fairly large 7.6-inch main screen. While not all Android developers have managed to support the potential changes in the dimensions of applications, Samsung has installed software to bring more functionality in the sense of multiple applications at once – as opposed to those created by them. Happens with all phones. Screen.

Labs has a toggle switch in the Settings menu to force apps to a specific aspect ratio. It can be like Twitch on the one hand and WordPress on the other. However, it can really only break because it is labeled as “experimental”.

Inside, the specs are pretty impressive. A Snapdragon 888 – the latest – and 12GB of RAM, means it’ll kick some serious ass at anything you throw at it for some time to come. It comes with either 256GB or 512GB, with no option to expand the device’s capabilities with a microSD card, or a headphone jack.

However, it comes with three cameras at the back (f/1.8 wide, f/2.0 ultra-wide and f/2.4 telephoto) at 12-megapixel. They’ve also managed to hide the selfie camera under the screen from the inside, but as The Verge reported, it’s still noticeable as it creates a mesh-like dot at the top of the screen.

That camera is only 4MP, but when fully closed, the Fold 3’s cover camera is 10MP.

On top of that, Samsung has now included their stylus option for S Pen functionality, note taking, drawing and general use. The S Pen Pro is also compatible, but both stylus are sold separately.

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The phone also uses 5G, which is now par for the course.

Samsung also announced the Z Flip 3! These phones are really expensive!

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