Sam Jones: “Because of Brexit in Dubai…”

Sam Jones has a very special story. The London player has decided to leave his native United Kingdom to pursue his dreams as a professional paddler. Paddle Magazine meets him in Cairo.

Brexit in Dubai. because of

Paddle Magazine: Your story is unique. How does a London professional start a paddler career?

Sam Jones:“I started playing tennis at age 3. When I was 14 or 15, paddle came into my tennis club. At the end of the year, I played more paddle than tennis! A year later I went to Marbella to train Went, then went to Barcelona. I started to take it more seriously, especially playing on the Catalan circuit. At that time there were really no international tournaments yet.

“Since Brexit I need a visa to live in Spain, and during this process I can’t stay there. So I’ve been living in Dubai for 4 months to train. There are very good players and very good coaches .

move to pedal

Paddle Magazine: Despite all the odds in your career (Brexit, coming from a country where the paddle is not very developed…), you prove to young English people that it is possible to be a professional player.

Sam Jones:“Yes, it’s possible. Of course it’s difficult, because you have to invest. It’s a lot of hours of training, but if you really want to be a professional, you have to go to Spain or somewhere where the level is higher. England.” With the LTA in the US, the paddle has evolved over the past 6 months with more clubs, but in Europe we are still far behind. But progress has to be made.”

Paddle Magazine: You’re here in Cairo with your trainer, Jacobo Pérez Sandon. What is your relation with him?

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Sam Jones:“From now on the professional circuit becomes more interesting with many international tournaments, especially with the FIP tour. My coach Jacobo is with me in Dubai for the last 3 months. It is really nice to be here with him as he takes me on the court. teaches things and he gives me a lot of advice. And the club is really good.”

“The paddle has no limits in England”

Paddle Magazine: Are you going to do more FIP Tour tournaments, and why not a new QSI/FIP circuit?

Sam Jones:“Yeah, that’s the plan. This year I want to travel a lot to play. It also allows me to explore the world.”

Paddle Magazine: What do you think of the development of paddle in England. How far can it come?

Sam Jones:“No borders. England is a great economic power. If the LTA really takes control like it is doing, we have a great chance of reaching France, Sweden, Italy or even Spain.

Paddle magazine: how to explain England’s delay in this development?

Sam Jones: “I’m not sure but I think the following reason is important. In England you have to play indoors because of the weather conditions, and it is very expensive to form a club, especially in London. But it must also be said that now the sponsors We are getting more and more support and now we will be able to move forward.

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