SALKER 2 may have restarted its development process

Although I fully understand the situation, I was a little sad that the process of development hunter 2 has been arrested. but it seems Its development has resumed after being halted last March. Because of the conflict in Ukraine.

It is detected by recovery The game’s official discord channel only, where one of the developers, Responded to a fan after being asked about the game’s development process.To which he replied: “keep on going”,

Stalker 2 takes us to a place inspired by the Chernobyl nuclear field.

  • first-person shooter title, in which its To be released in December this year., I
  • The development studio, GSC Game World, has decided to change the name of the game. Predator 2: Heart of Chernobyl, I
  • hunter 2 Its multiplayer mode will be available after release. By completely free updates to the community. I
  • This new version will offer unique gameplaygameplay, with all elements of a first person shooter and true horror, I

The resumption of development for Stalker 2 is undoubtedly good news for the gaming community, as we look forward to enjoying it (including me, of course). As far as its release is concerned, I don’t know if they will delay it further due to its last hiatus or save it for next December.

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