Salford woman fined over 000 6,000 for violating self-separation rules on Instagram

A woman has been fined 6 6,000 after being caught failing to isolate herself in an Instagram post.

Jersey Magistrates’ Court heard Caris Ann Ingram moved from Salford to Jersey to visit restaurants and go shopping.

The 22-year-old flew in a jersey on a flight from Manchester on October 12, the Mirror reported.

He was seen visiting the heritage site First Tower and then El Tico restaurants in the St. Queens Bay area.

The restaurant breach was later revealed when he posted a picture of himself on social media Instagram there.

Three days after arriving in Jersey, Ingram was caught shopping in the St. Helier area.

Kovid should have been disconnected from his home after being contacted by the contract tracking team after being identified as a direct contact of the positive person.

Ingram posted a picture of his meal at El Tico Restaurant in St. Owen Bay

It was later revealed that someone sitting next to him on a flight from Manchester had tested positive for the coronavirus.

He was contacted and told to self-immolate and to have another test eight days after his arrival.

Authorities made several attempts to contact him at his home address but they received no response.

The contact tracking team with Ingram of Salford, who was on a family visit in Jersey, eventually arrived by phone and was later arrested.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of violating the Self-Separation Rules and was fined a total of £ 6,000, including the option of a 24-week ban.

A report claims that the government is considering reducing the period of examination and self-isolation to seven days.

Currently, isolation is ordered for 14 days for the spread of coronavirus in the contacts of infected individuals identified by the NHS.

But according to The Sunday Telegraph, officials in Boris Johnson’s taskforce are considering halving the length by a week due to concerns about poor compliance.

Carolyn Mafia, strategic leader in Control Tracking, Monitoring and Enforcement, said:

“This fine proves that we have found violators and will prosecute them.

“Anyone identified as a direct contact with a COID positive person must understand the importance of following public health advice and complying with the law.”

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